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Sightseeing Options

We can arrange any tours and sightseeing at the Li River Retreat

Here is a brief list of the trips that we can arrange

Tour and activity options

Booking Tours

Our Staff at reception can book most of the tours in Yangshuo once you are here. Also, Yangshuo has several very good travel agencies and you are more than welcome to try their services. For things like the Yangshuo cooking school, we recommend booking in advance directly with them as they can get very busy. Also, we do recommend Jack from Yangshuo Private Tours as he does a fantastic job

Li River Cruises

A Li River cruise is a highlight for many visitors to this region and we can arrange some great trips on the river

  • Yangdi to Xingping

The section of the Li River between Yangdi and Xingping is regarded as the most scenic. This makes it very popular and very busy during the day. The best time to do this trip is just after sunrise or late in the afternoon, when all the large boats coming from Guilin are far away from here. We can arrange a private farmer's boat to be waiting for you in Yangdi and this boat will cruise slowly to Xingping. The duration of the cruise is about an hour and a half. The duration depends on how fast the Li River is flowing, essentially, if it has rained recently then the river will be flowing faster and the trip will take less time

We can also arrange for a car or van to take you from the Retreat to Yangdi to meet the boat and then it would also meet you in Xingping. This is by far the most popular trip on the Li River

  • Yangdi to Yangshuo

This trip is the same as the Yangdi to Xingping tip just that the boat will continue to Yangshuo instead of stopping in Xingping.

  • Yangshuo to Liugong

The section of the Li River between Yangshuo and Liugong is also very beautiful. You can do this trip together with a bike ride, by taking the boat to the picturesque village of Liugong and then riding your bike back. You could also return back on the boat or have a car waiting for you in Liugong

  • Trips out of Xingping

A more economical option is to take the local bus from Yangshuo to Xingping. In Xingping, you will be able to find someone who will take you on the Li River. Most of these boats will head upstream towards Yangdi. None of them actually make it to Yangdi but go at least half of the way there before coming back to Xingping.

  • Information about Li River cruises from Guilin to Yangshuo

The Li River cruises from Guilin to Yangshuo only operate with large boats. These cruises depart between 9am and 11am each day, so you really need to be staying in either Guilin or Yangshuo the night before as there is no flight that arrives early enough to get on one of these boats. Any hotel in Guilin can arrange a ticket on these boats right up until the night before.

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Bike Trips

There are an endless amount of bike routes that you can do here in Yangshuo. The countryside around Yangshuo is very beautiful and riding along at your own pace gives you the opportunity to take it all in

We do have bike hire at the Li River Retreat. You can rent mountain bikes, `Ladies` bikes and tandems. We also have small bicycles for children and for the very young ones, we can add a small seat onto most bikes. At this stage, we do not have bike helmets available

We do have some bike tours available for you also

  • Yangshuo to the Yulong River with a bamboo raft ride and visit Moon Hill

The most popular of bike trips in Yangshuo. We provide English speaking guides who will guide you through the countryside to the scenic Yulong River valley past many rice paddies. Once at the Yulong River, you board a bamboo raft for a relaxing drift the Yulong River for about an hour. The bike trip also takes you to Moon Hill where you can climb to the top for more impressive scenery of the countryside. On this trip, we include bikes, the bamboo raft ride, entrance fee to Moon Hill and the local guide

  • Visit Fuli town on a market day

Fuli is a lovely old town on the banks of the Li River. We recommend visiting it on a bustling market day when you can see the local farmers from around Fuli come to sell and buy produce. Market days are any days of the month that end in the numbers 2,5 or 8. There is a lovely back road that leads to Fuli via small villages and picturesque rice paddies which makes the trip a very interesting one

We do advise that you take a tour with a guide the first time and then the following days you can just rent a bike and try to explore the countryside on your own

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Bamboo Rafting

There are two types of Bamboo rafting trips that you can take in Yangshuo

  • Floating or drifting trips

These operate on the Yulong River. The bamboo raft normally has two seats and is large enough to take your bikes onboard as well. The Yulong river has a slow current and is great just to drift down. This are the type of rafts that we use on our Moon Hill bike ride above. Bamboo raft trips are sold by their duration 1 hour, 2 hours , 4 hours etc.

If you only want to the do the bamboo raft on its own without any bike rides, then we can easily arrange for a car to take you to the Yulong River and the driver will arrange the raft for you and pick you up at the other end

  • Motorised bamboo raft trips

These operate from Yangshuo itself and head upstream past the Li River Retreat and towards the beaches just beyond the Retreat. You can easily arrange one once you are in Yangshuo by going to the river bank. These trips are nice at sunset time

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Hot Air Balloon Rides

We have stopped booking hot air balloon rides at the Retreat for safety reasons. There have been some bad near misses recently and the company operating these hot air balloons are not upgrading their equipment. This means that we cannot trust them to take care of your welfare

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Liu Sanjie Tickets

The Liu Sanjie show is truly very special and is we recommend it highly

We can arrange tickets to every show. At the moment, the ticket price also includes return transfers from downtown Yangshuo. We can also arrange transfers direct from the Retreat for a small charge

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Silver Cave

Silver Cave is located to the south of the Yangshuo region and is best visited by taking a taxi or minivan. Our staff at reception can arrange the vehicle for you to take you to Silver Cave and bring you back to Yangshuo

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Cormorant Fishing

The cormorant (also known as a shag) is a bird which can actually go under water a catch fish while down there. This bird has been used since ancient times in this region as is still done so by an ever dwindling number od locals. These locals now do organised `shows` each evening where you can follow a local farmer and watch his birds catch fish

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Cooking Classes

The Yangshuo Cooking School has setup an excellent course for people who are interested in learning how to cook Chinese food. They have 2 classes a day. One in the morning which leads into lunch and the other just after lunch and leading to an early dinner. You are taught how to cook 5 dishes and you get to cook them yourself and finish the lesson off by eating the fruits of your labour. The class also includes a visit to the local market in Yangshuo

The Cooking school has two different menus which they alternate daily. They also have a vegetarian option

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Longsheng Excursions

The Longsheng region is famous for its local minorities and its rice terraces

We can offer private vehicles to take you from the Retreat directly to the village of Pingan or Dazhai. We can also arrange for a local guide to go with you

A good way to see the rice terraces is to leave Yangshuo just after breakfast and spend a few hours at the rice terraces, before coming back to Guilin to catch a late flight. This way you get enough time to see the terraces

Please note that there is an entrance fee to the Longsheng rice terraces of 50 Yuan per person

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